1657 west broad street, suite 206
richmond, va 23220
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We aim to make tech skills accessible to every person who wants them — regardless of income, age, or socioeconomic background.

We go about this by offering inclusive and accessible courses in some of today's most sought after hi-tech skillsets. 

We believe standard tech bootcamps (1) are way too expensive, (2) infeasibly require people to put their lives on hold, and (3) are hindered by too large a class size, leaving a large percentage of students confused and dispirited. 


To combat this flawed style of education, our introductory courses are designed to fit into full-time work schedules, and the class sizes are very small (ten students or less).

Our courses are designed for everyone — from college-educated career switchers and promotion seekers, to low-income people who historically have less access to the hi-tech career sector and education as a whole.


Lantera Labs is radically transparent, and our business model is rooted in ethics and morality. We understand that with education comes the ability to flourish in our society — and we think it's high time that way more people in this country are afforded the opportunity to flourish. 

We proudly serve the community of Richmond,Virginia.

our mission